H & M Metal Stamping & Assembly Inc.

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From Customer prints or samples, we can build the tooling, supply the material, produce product and arrange for finish. We work in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, producing small and or large batches according to our customers’ needs. All tooling maintenance is included at no additional charge to the customer for as long as parts are produced at H&M. We additionally inventory hundreds of stock dies, which can reduce customer-tooling and storage costs.

H&M produces precision stamping to meet the needs of most industries, striving to exceed quality standards and meet our customer’s delivery needs with fast turn-around and requirements incorporating Kanban and Demand-Flow, if requested. The company operates out of a 39,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Brook Park, Ohio.



Manufacture and assembly of metal stampings for various industrial and consumer product applications. Product Design is excluded from the scope, since we manufacture to customer drawings.